Friday, November 11, 2016

September Road Trip

September 19, I started a road trip, heading east.  s couple photos in Montana.

 Billings, Montana
Near the Continental Divide

Catching Up

My phone says this was taken on 9/18.  It is in the backyard.  colors, fluffy clouds.  Life has been busy and I am going to catch up on some blog posts.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


The Bow Little Market (farmer's market) had a fiber day.  I purchased this yarn bowl, which is taller than the typical yarn bowl.  I found the taller size very handy, as I could place my project on the bowl, too.

This is first project knit, using the yarn bowl.  I completed it in 16 days, which is pretty fast for me.

August Afternoon

Having a beverage on the back porch.  Gary's walker is handy for a beverage table.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Helisinki, Finland

  a rainy day in Helisinki
Fire Station

Gothenburg, Sweden

Wandered about Gothenburg
Home of Volvo

Back yard

 Interesting Clouds
Rose and Clemitis

Martina Behm

Martina and me in my Hitchhiker, which is designed by Martina.  Canadian yarn, all of the knitting on my travels to Asia.


In Damsdorf, Germany  Martina Behm's home and studio with a lovely yarn shop in the corner.


Stockholm, Sweden I rode the hop on and hop boat around. 
The cruise ride in and out of Sweden was very scenic, lots of islands, some with houses.  It reminder me of the San Juan Islands