Monday, July 30, 2012


This will be the only post, this month.  I been doing driving and driving.  Two drives to Spokane to visit Dorothy Ann, who had a massive stroke and is now in a re-habitation hospital.  She has lots of recovery ahead of her.  Round trip is 700 miles.
Last week, I was on vacation and drove to Seattle for 3 baseball games. Round trip is 160 miles.  Got a good fill of baseball.  One game was stitch and pitch game, but I knit at every game.  There is a big bronze mitt, outside the stadium, that was yarn bombed, totally covered in knitted or crocheted.   The Saturday game was a tribute to Dan Wilson and Randy Johnson, who were inducted into the Mariners Hall of Fame.
I was able to take this week, off.  I will be driving my husband to the doctors.  Working around the yard and the house and some knitting.
My class reunion is Saturday.  I am not sure I will go, that is a 600 mile round trip drive.