Sunday, July 24, 2016

Helisinki, Finland

  a rainy day in Helisinki
Fire Station

Gothenburg, Sweden

Wandered about Gothenburg
Home of Volvo

Back yard

 Interesting Clouds
Rose and Clemitis

Martina Behm

Martina and me in my Hitchhiker, which is designed by Martina.  Canadian yarn, all of the knitting on my travels to Asia.


In Damsdorf, Germany  Martina Behm's home and studio with a lovely yarn shop in the corner.


Stockholm, Sweden I rode the hop on and hop boat around. 
The cruise ride in and out of Sweden was very scenic, lots of islands, some with houses.  It reminder me of the San Juan Islands


 Elaborate rooms

 Crochet Hook Holder
 Cloisonné pitcher
Outside the Hermitage
Had 2 days in Saint Petersburg.  The first day, I went to the Fabrage Egg Museum.  Some of eggs are shown with the center surprise outside the egg.  Also, saw the French Impressionist portion in the Hermitage.  The second day, I went to the Hermitage, a huge art museum.  There are 3 million pieces of art displayed, I only saw a small portion.  On the way back to the cruise ship, a stop for souvenirs.  I had a taste of Russian Vodka.  The days were warm in Russia.

Rostock, Germany

Took the shuttle bus into Rostock, Germany.  Walked a bit and found a yarn shop.  Didn't buy any yarn.  a warm day.

Tallilin, Estonia

 The older portion of Tallilin is surrounded by walls.  Cobblestone is very rough, a little challenging to walk on.


canal on one side, walking area with outdoor cafes

 Church steeple

Went on a walking tour in Copenhagen. Royal palace guard.  Had some rain off and on, during the walk


This is near Central Station, lots of bikes parked there.  The main way to get around old down town Amsterdam.  I went to the Van Gogh museum, which I loved.  Amsterdam felt comfortable and easy to get around on foot.  I would return in a minute.

Finished On the Spice Market

Fun to knit and lots of colors, 6 plus a main color