Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Patch sleeping with her ear in her bowl, Meggen playing in the background. Tired Patch

Mermaid Knitting

                                                                  Mermaid blanket


                                                       A sunny and cold day in Sedona.

Pretend Car Shopping

Jeff and I car shopping in Gilbert, Arizona at the Maserati dealership.  Neither of us drove a new car home.


                                                              Fresh snow on the hills.
The first full day of winter.
Daylight is lengthening

Sunday, December 20, 2015


There are some of the cousins on my Dad's side of the family.  Photo was taken at a cousin's memorial service in Arizona.  My brother made a quick trip, I stayed a couple days longer.  I was hoping for a December weather break, but it was around 50 degrees and some rain on 3 of the days. 

KnitFit! #4

The second weekend in November, KnitFit! is the happening place in Ballard (Seattle).  I have attended and taken classes all 4 years.  This year, the market was primed with indie dyers.  Oh, so many yarns, a few or more followed me home.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weaving Loom

In New Zealand, we stopped at Ashford Looms and spinning Wheels.  There, we went on a factory tour.  I was a little curious about weaving.  Eventually, I ordered a Ashford loom with a stand.  It is called a Knitter's Loom, which is a table loom.  I ordered a stand with it, which I put together.  Next step is to warp the loom, which is the vertical stings or yarn.  I got that done over a few days.  Then, I was stumped about the actual weaving process with the rigid heddle or reed positioning.  So, the loom got set aside.  Today, I muddled through the weaving process and actually did weave a few rows.  I also, learned I need to be more consistent with the tension of the warp, which is a little challenging on a couple of the steps the process of setting the warp by myself.  I do have some practice weaving to do in the meantime.  This weekend, I will be attending Knit Fit in Seattle, maybe there will be some weavers, there.  A friend is coming for the weekend, yarn shopping is in our future, including a shop with weaving supplies.  Last Friday, I went to a weaver guild sale and looked at some beautiful weaving and did weave a bit on a floor loom.


 a pair of socks
a shawl
recently completed projects

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lace Leaf Maple

The afternoon sunlight highlighting Nicole garden and the lace leaf maple.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Love Color

                                                          Photos taken in my yard


Mike in the background, creating this masterpiece on my back.  A colorful locust.


Knitted shawl.  A yarn shop in Alberta, one of the employees was wearing this shawl, so I knit one.  Might even knit another one.  Bracket Form is the pattern

A Touch of Color

Painted the front door inside and out.  Love the splash of color!


                                                    Found a couple types of mushrooms.


Sunset at Kalaloch Lodge.  One can't have too many sunsets photos.  can they?


The neighbor (25 yo kid), living with his parents has 11 turkeys.  The turkeys come in our yard and the dogs run towards them, then watch them.  I have my suspensions about the reasons of keeping turkeys, as the kid likes guns and hunting. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kalaloch, Lake Crescent, Hoh rain forest

Hoh rain forest

Beach at Kalaloch
Lake Crescent
Washington Coast

Nicole's Garden

A Ruby Beach rock among the pansies.  Mums are showing their color.

Blue Door

Painted the door blue for a splash of color


It is a special year, I experienced two fall equinox. In March, I was in Australia for my first fall and home for the second fall change.
My lotus tattoo was inked on equinox, a few days ago.  My tattoo artist, Mike had been to Australia and New Zealand in January and February of this year.  We talked about our different travels.