Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lale Shawl

Shawl was knit, starting at the center.  Off the needles at 2:00 am, this morning.

A dog's life


Friday, December 21, 2012


I always like this day, knowing we are starting to gain light.  This year, I have felt the darkness.  Not as extreme as the winters in Alaska.  Happy Solstice.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fancy Gingerbreadhouse

Photos of the fancy ginger bread house at my office. 
One winter break, Nicole and I attempted a simple ginger bread house.  Jeff had gotten the pre-made kit and we put it together.  One challenge, you whip up the frosting, then wait 15 minutes, then you put the walls up and wait.  There was a dusting of fresh snow, so we could go play in the snow during the wait times.  Nicole made snow angels.  We made a tiny snowman.  I had Nicole come over by a small tree, then I shook the tree and snow fell on Nicole, we laughed.  She tried to do the same thing to me, with her shorter arms, she shook snow on herself.  more laughter
When Jeff got home from work, Nicole wanted photos of our ginger bread house, except one wall, because that wall wasn't very good.  There is a learning curve to gingerbread house and the one at the office is amazing and full of details.
The next day, Nicole and I went to the farm.  There was more snow, Dad pulled Nicole and I around the farm on a toboggan with the tractor.  I have not been sledding, since then.  It was fun, Grandma made us hot chocolate to warm up, after our ride.

Yes, there is knitting

Julie's sock to match her motorcycle

Hermosa Shawl
Lale Shawl