Tuesday, October 29, 2013


completed shawl

Friday, October 25, 2013

what a week

It has been a bit crazy, around here.  Wednesday night, Patch had a seizure.  She was sleeping, Gary was sleeping, I was on the computer.  I heard her stumble into the door or wall.  Her right front and rear leg seems most affected, I initially thought she had a stroke.  Her eyes were twitchy, she seems disoriented.  We comforted her, as best we could.  Discuss veterinary options.  In about an hour, she seems back to normal, just tired.  The next morning, Patch seemed to her old self.  Both Patch and Meggen are due for their yearly checkups in early November.  We saw the vet, today and they both got a star on their check ups.  Yes, it could have been a seizure and whether it is a one time deal, we will monitor.  Dogs usually don't have strokes.
Then, today, I took the dogs for a walk up the access road on the north side of our place.  There is a parcel of property for sale up this road.  There are tire tracks more frequently with the property listed.  I walk, this every day.  Today, there are fresh tracks that curve to the northwest.  I think that is odd, so I look at the end of the tracks.  There on the side of the access road is a deer carcass.  What the heck.  This is right before time to go to the vet appointment. 
When we return home, I walked over to the neighbor, he is retired Fish and Game.  Mike and I walk up to the deer, which is partially in a drainage ditch.  The deer (doe) had been gutted, he said poorly and dumped.  He says this happens, similar to this situation, quite a bit.  He took a photo with his phone and knew who to call at Fish and Game. 
I almost forgot, we lost power about 9:30 Tuesday night, car accident, utility pole and fog.  The power was out about 10 hours.  The internet and land line phone were out 20 hours.  Our cell phones are not great without the signal booster, which goes through the internet.  This month has been vary foggy.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oct 16

I have had blog posts in my mind, but am slow in posting.
On Sunday, I drove from Spokane on highway 2.  I had not traveling this route in 12 or 15 years.  I was enjoying the different scenery.  One photo of my mind was Banks Lake.  Banks Lake was a lovely deep blue and the surrounding terrain shades on tans, light to dark.  I liked the contrast of the texture and the color of the natural surrounding.
I visited with Dorothy Ann, both Saturday and Sunday.
My drive on Saturday was the more typical route of highway 90.  I had a stack of jazz CD to keep me entertained.