Friday, October 31, 2008


Meggen and I just returned from a walk, started out misty, then just plain rain. I have the proper rain coat. She gets to toweled off, which is a game to her. As I was walking, I thought I should have my camera for the contrast views of my walk. There will be more rainy walks.

Halloween, a kid holiday. Just a day to pretend, dress in costume and get candy. Sometimes, at the dental office, we see a few more broken teeth, after Halloween.

My neighborhood, there is a community party. We don't get trick or treat guests. Or maybe, it was the first year, we lived in this house, I gave out toothbrushes.

When Nicole was young, I would always take her a toothbrush or two, when I would visit. She would kind of shy, but would get unshy quickly, with her new toothbrush.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Placed, today

Beautiful, yet sad, too.
We all miss you, Nicole.
And Love You.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Nicole"ism"

Nicole was about 4 year old. Jeff was drag racing. So, Jeff, Sharon and Nicole went to the race track in Mission, BC. Mission is close to my home. So, I went to the race track, too. Nicole and I went for a walk, ready to explore. The Fraiser River is one border of race track property. Now, Nicole is wearing new white tennis shoes. Exploring the river bank is our outing. We ran in a field of dandelions, which Nicole called a meadow. We tried to walk up to geese, but they ran off.
We searched for treasures along the river bank. We pretended to fish in a small puddle with a stick. Just having a great time, hanging out, exploring. Of course, Nicole is edging closer to puddles. I said to Nicole, your Mom is going to get mad, if you get your shoes muddy. That innocent little face, looked up and said, "Sometimes, you just can't help it" (getting muddy shoes). I just chuckled. Yep, Sharon was a little mad about the muddy shoes. But, Nicole and I had a great adventure.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thanksgiving 06

Kayden, Jeff, Nicole

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Graduation Day

Jeff and Nicole

Julie's son Tyler graduation day 2007.
On Nicole's blog, in June 08, she stated her concerns for Tyler, her half brother, as a Marine for
2008 - 2012. such a caring girl


The penguins are knit and felted. Felting is a process of shrinking wool on purpose. Knit the project oversize, then wash in hot water to felt or shrink. The pattern for the penguin is from Fiber Trends. I attended a knitting retreat, my first penguin was the weekend project. Spring break 07, Nicole and I stopped by WildFibers in Mount Vernon, WA, the shop where the first penguin lives. I asked Nicole, if she would like me to knit her a penguin. Of course, she would, so she choose the traditional black with bright yellow tummy. I knit the red bag, a booga bag, also felted. She choose the red color as well. Webkinz can have purse or backpack. So, we thought it would be good for her penguin to have a bag, too.
Gary wanted a penguin, too. So, his is the black and white penguin with the scarf. Looks like I should knit another scarf, as both penguins are at our house, now.
Spring break 06, Nicole and I made 2 potholders, with the weaving frame. We also, knit a couple hats with a round knitting loom. When we picked her Dad up at work for lunch, he asked "did we finish the hat?". Nicole told her Dad, yes, it is finished, but she didn't want to wear it, as it was raining. precious, sweet thoughts.
The yarn for the hat was purchased at Wal-Mart. A couple days later, Nicole and I went to a real yarn shop. Her eyes got big and she said "Wow". Nicole picked out some yarn with a little bling for a scarf.
Keeping the knitting tradition, this spring break, I knit and stuffed a bear from chinchilla yarn. Nicole picked a blue color. Of course, the bear had to have a scarf. Good use of leftover sock yarn.

Friday, October 24, 2008


it is kind of challenge, as I put several pictures into the draft section. Then as I post them, the postings from the drafts, show up in the order that I placed the photos into the draft section.
So, scroll back and there could be something new. Or maybe, I will figure out how to change the date from the draft to the posting date.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

World Series

Nicole and Grandpa.
We went to the Tri-Cities Dust Devils baseball game.
I watch a lot of baseball on TV, knitting during the game.
I go to games in Seattle and knit at the game.
I help Sarah of Wildfibers sell yarn at the Stitch and Pitch baseball game in Seattle.
Now, during the World Series game, I will knit and cheer for the Phillies.

Monday, October 20, 2008



on Yellowstone vacation, I think


update on Jeff

I believe Nicole took this photo, during the Yellowstone vacation.
On Monday, Jeff had made enough progress to be released from physical therapy or as he called it physical torture.
I certainly could see progress in his physical healing.
The drive sunny drive home, was an eventful drive, all 300 miles.
The scenery was pretty with fall colors, lots of yellow, some gold and a splash of red.
A light dusting of snow on the mountain peak.
posted 10/22, photos in draft on 10/20.


Just adorable


Nicole with a faux pierced nose.
Somewhere on the Yellowstone vacation, they found glue on nose rings.

Since, this was in my draft section, it will show up as the date, I placed it in the drafts.
so, today's date is the title.

20th post

Mattie, Nicole, Haley

Nicole, we the fam, friends, classmates miss you.
We know you are in a better place, but still have sadness in our hearts.
At times, we can share funny stories, laugh a little.
Your Dad mentioned the book "Socks for Supper", and how many times he read it to you.
It is a very cute book. I enjoyed reading it.
I remember, you taking books to bed, too.
see Jan's blog in sidebar, dates 9/3/08
posted 10/23, photos in draft 10/20


Nicole and Kayden
posted 10/28/08

More Yellowstone Photos

Nicole and Jeff

Nicole and Jeff in Yellowstone

Trail Ride with Nicole and Jeff

Jeff, photos taken by Julie


Art, there are many forms, colors, styles. This is an adventure into skin art, ink, tats. On Sept. 18, Jeff, Julie and myself ventured into the "Iron Needle" in Kennewick. We took a copy of Nicole's signature, with a heart for the dot of the i. And we all got a tattoo.

Mine is her signature, surrounded by a cloud on my upper left side of my chest.
Nicole's signature is close to my heart, forever.

Jeff is placed on his upper left chest. Surrounded by a heart.
Close to his heart, forever, inside his heart and outside on his skin.

Julie found this picture on the internet.
Her tat is on her right shoulder, with Nicole's signature.
And a guardian angel for Jeff.


They are photos from the horseback ride on the Yellowstone vacation in August, 2008. Nicole had written about the vacation, posted some pictures of Yellowstone. In the pictures, Nicole and Julie riding, Jeff also riding, behind the camera. see Nicole's blog:


Nicole on Hopper

Julie taking pictures of Jeff


Bayview State Park

I am Jeff's computer and uploading photos.
These photos were taken Sept. 2005

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Horseback Riding

Nicole riding Kelli's horse.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

another beach picture

Thanksgiving time 2004, Nicole, myself and Grandma and Grandpa in the background at the beach in Washington Park in Anacortes.

Nicole's first fish

Nicole went fishing with her Dad, Jeff.
This photo is labeled 2004, Nicole's first fish.

walk ramblings


A lovely day for a walk, little bit of fog, some sun breaking through. Meggen ears bouncing up and down, happy dog walk.

A bit of history of my walking, I started volkswalking (recreational walking, an international organization) in 1990. In 2003, I completed a 10 K (6.2 mile) walk in all 50 states plus Washington DC. Also, in 2003, I completed a 10 K walk in all the counties of Washington.

Both those accomplishments, were great adventures in the visiting the counties of Washington and all the states of the USA.

Now, I am more prone to just do my neighborhood walk.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Hello, I am still here. My brother sent some photos to my flickr account, then I couldn't figure out how to post them, here. I know, ask a teenager. Still working on that challenge.

Next, this was meeting week for me, I am a volunteer firefighter, which meeting or training is every Monday evening. Also, I am a fire commissioner, the third Wednesday was meeting night. So, Tuesday, I was working on fire commission budget in preparation for the meeting.

Of course, still have the day job, 3 days a week. (dental hygiene).

Thursday, I did a bunch of errands. got a lot checked off that list.

Friday, had a nice lunch and a great visit with a friend from Ocean Shores in Bellingham.
Tomorrow, is class 3 of sock knitting class, that I teach.

On Sunday, I am going to visit my brother, maybe upload pictures from his computer, directly to here. I may bug Jan for some help on Monday or Tuesday. I also, have to figure out how to highlight Jan, so it is clickable from here to her blog. ask a teenager.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tender Heart

Here is a photo of Lady. I was out for a walk, today. My mind wandering, too.

A couple years, ago, Nicole and I were in my car, near the farm and we saw some dogs in the road. Nicole was concerned for their safety. Then, Nicole asked about Lady, too. Of course, I had to say she had died, but lived a long life. Nicole had such a tender heart for all animals.

Lady was a great dog, great walking partner for me, she lived to the age of 15.

I am sure Lady is keeping Nicole company, too.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Frosty morning

A bit of frost on the grass. this morning, Meggen and I headed out for our walk. I saw 2 deer ahead, crossing the road. The deer refreshed my memory of driving to Vancouver (Canada) with Jeff and Nicole in the summer of 06. We are just south of Bellingham, Nicole makes a very concerned sound - ohhh. So, we ask "what's up"? She saw deer on the side of the road and was very concerned that the deer would get in the road and be hurt. I did see the deer way off the side of the road, hopefully reassured her, that the deer were heading into the woods. We went to the Vancouver Aquarium, had a great time exploring the exhibits. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to the friends north of the border. Happy Columbus Day, it is a holiday in the eastern USA.

Friday, October 10, 2008

October Walk

It is a lovely morning, a bit of October feel in the breeze, also a bit of warmth in the sun.

Meggen and I went for a walk in our neighborhood. I am lucky enough to step out the door, enjoy this 3 mile loop.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

big smile

What a cute face! Missing 2 front teeth.
My blog got marked as spam for a couple days, but it is all fixed now.
A big smile for everyone.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Newborn baby alpaca, looks like a black lump

Baby's first solid steps about age 1 1/2 hours.
weight about 15 pounds.

Spring break, 2007. Nicole and I went to Bayview State Park Beach and then we went to Chuckanut Alpaca farm. We arrived at the farm to find, the owners very excited about a baby arriving. Nicole and I stayed to wait for the new baby. The Mom alpaca, all black was surrounded by the herd, delivered a little black girl alpaca. Then the herd spread out to let the Mom and baby bond.
Nicole wanted to wait and see her first steps. So, we are hanging out in the pasture, sometimes the other alpacas would come close for a pet on the head. Their fur is very soft, as all you knitters know. I decide I should tell Nicole about the afterbirth. After a debate in my mind, how best to cover this subject. I said to Nicole, you know, the sack that the baby lived in is going to come out of the Mom. Nicole looks up at me, with her wise eyes and said "I know". So, I concluded the discussion, I didn't want you to get grossed out.
The baby took a few wobbly steps, then would lay down and rest. We stayed about an hour and half, until the new baby alpaca took a few solid steps. At this point, all the other alpacas came back to check out the newborn. The Chuckanut Alpaca farm is near Bow, Wa on Chuckanut Drive, the owners are very friendly and love to show folks their alpacas. They have a gift shop, too. Nicole choose a stuffed bear, made with alpaca fur. They did name the baby alpaca, Nicole. So, spring break 2008, Nicole and I went back to see the alpaca, she is full size. Of course, we checked out the gift shop again.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

more photos

April, 2008, exploring at Bayview, Nicole, myself and Meggen

April 2008, Nicole and Meggen.

Deer in our backyard, Nicole loved animals.

Beach at Samish Island, myself, Nicole and her Dad, Jeff.

These photos are a couple years old.

Beach at Samish Island, myself, Nicole and Gary.

I am back home, on the rainy side of the state.
Jeff's physical health continues to improve, probably at a slower pace, now.
On Friday, got crickets for Frank the frog.
Also, on Friday, I went to the accident scene, there are lots of items placed around the cross for Nicole.