Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Nicole"ism"

Nicole was about 4 year old. Jeff was drag racing. So, Jeff, Sharon and Nicole went to the race track in Mission, BC. Mission is close to my home. So, I went to the race track, too. Nicole and I went for a walk, ready to explore. The Fraiser River is one border of race track property. Now, Nicole is wearing new white tennis shoes. Exploring the river bank is our outing. We ran in a field of dandelions, which Nicole called a meadow. We tried to walk up to geese, but they ran off.
We searched for treasures along the river bank. We pretended to fish in a small puddle with a stick. Just having a great time, hanging out, exploring. Of course, Nicole is edging closer to puddles. I said to Nicole, your Mom is going to get mad, if you get your shoes muddy. That innocent little face, looked up and said, "Sometimes, you just can't help it" (getting muddy shoes). I just chuckled. Yep, Sharon was a little mad about the muddy shoes. But, Nicole and I had a great adventure.

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woody said...

I remember that day. thanks sis.