Monday, October 6, 2008


Newborn baby alpaca, looks like a black lump

Baby's first solid steps about age 1 1/2 hours.
weight about 15 pounds.

Spring break, 2007. Nicole and I went to Bayview State Park Beach and then we went to Chuckanut Alpaca farm. We arrived at the farm to find, the owners very excited about a baby arriving. Nicole and I stayed to wait for the new baby. The Mom alpaca, all black was surrounded by the herd, delivered a little black girl alpaca. Then the herd spread out to let the Mom and baby bond.
Nicole wanted to wait and see her first steps. So, we are hanging out in the pasture, sometimes the other alpacas would come close for a pet on the head. Their fur is very soft, as all you knitters know. I decide I should tell Nicole about the afterbirth. After a debate in my mind, how best to cover this subject. I said to Nicole, you know, the sack that the baby lived in is going to come out of the Mom. Nicole looks up at me, with her wise eyes and said "I know". So, I concluded the discussion, I didn't want you to get grossed out.
The baby took a few wobbly steps, then would lay down and rest. We stayed about an hour and half, until the new baby alpaca took a few solid steps. At this point, all the other alpacas came back to check out the newborn. The Chuckanut Alpaca farm is near Bow, Wa on Chuckanut Drive, the owners are very friendly and love to show folks their alpacas. They have a gift shop, too. Nicole choose a stuffed bear, made with alpaca fur. They did name the baby alpaca, Nicole. So, spring break 2008, Nicole and I went back to see the alpaca, she is full size. Of course, we checked out the gift shop again.


Jan said...

What a precious memory. There was no doubt that she would hang around to watch those first steps. She loved life.

Susan said...

You guys got to see an alpaca born? That's so great! and they named her Nicole. Pretty magic.

JoLynn said...

Yes, it was very special to watch the baby alpaca arrive. And the social networkings of the herd.
This is my favorite moment of time with Nicole.

Alpaca ranching said...

Yes it's always exciting when a new baby alpaca (a cria) is born. If you ever see a bunch of adult females gathered in a circle with their heads facing in and the butts facing out, for sure a new baby cria has arrived.

woody said...

I always thought that it was so cool that Nicole got to see that.

JoLynn said...

The afternoon, after the alpaca birth, Jeff (Nicole's Dad) meet Nicole and I for a late lunch. So, we are talking, Jeff asked Nicole if we had seen the tulips. I live in Skagit county, where there are tulip fields. Us, locals, like to avoid the fields on the weekends, because of all the tourists. Aanyway, Nicole is kind of being shy about telling her Dad, about the baby alpaca. So, I had to start telling the story to Jeff. a fun memory for me.

Unknown said...

Dear Jolynn,

I happened across your story here about the little alpaca named Nicole and recognized, based on where the little alpaca was born and the year of her birth, that she is our Nicole. When Walter and Lois needed to sell their farm due to Walter passing away, we acquired seven of their alpacas as rescue animals, one of whom is named "Nicole." She's my favorite because she is the bravest of the bunch, the most people-friendly, and the most inquisitive. She gets right in there where the others are afraid, and she's a real cutie. I loved her name from the beginning and wondered why Walter and Lois named her that.

I cried as I read your blog and then her mother's via the link you have here, which appeared to be a continuation of a blog Nicole had just started. I am sorry to read about your and everyone else's loss. We will save and share the memory that the little alpaca named Nicole was named after a very pretty, sweet-natured, animal-rescuing little girl who arrived at Chuckanut Alpaca Ranch just in time for the little alpaca's birthday. How appropriate since the few animals we have on our farm so far are all rescue animals, getting a new start in life.

The day after we took ownership of our farm, the most spectacular rainbow I've ever seen appeared over the farm and shined down on it like a giant lens in the heavens, projecting light directly over the farm. I had never seen streams of light coming through a rainbow like that (or at least appearing to). As the rainbow appeared on our first full day of our ownership of the farm, I was more than glad to take it as a symbol of blessing. Of course, it makes me think of Noah, whose story was all about rescuing animals and new beginnings for life on earth. We didn't set out as a place of animal rescue as our mission, but so far that is what we are by default.

Our farm is up by Kendal, WA, at 6338 Mt. Baker Hwy, if you're ever up in the area and want to visit Nicole's namesake.

--David Haggith