Sunday, October 5, 2008

more photos

April, 2008, exploring at Bayview, Nicole, myself and Meggen

April 2008, Nicole and Meggen.

Deer in our backyard, Nicole loved animals.

Beach at Samish Island, myself, Nicole and her Dad, Jeff.

These photos are a couple years old.

Beach at Samish Island, myself, Nicole and Gary.

I am back home, on the rainy side of the state.
Jeff's physical health continues to improve, probably at a slower pace, now.
On Friday, got crickets for Frank the frog.
Also, on Friday, I went to the accident scene, there are lots of items placed around the cross for Nicole.


Jan said...

How lovely JoLynn. It really looks like you have so many memories to share. I love all those pictures alot. She really did love her animals. Those deer are beautiful. I am glad to know that Jeff is still on the mend. I will still keep him in my prayers.

Anonymous said...


Very good pictures again..