Monday, October 20, 2008

20th post

Mattie, Nicole, Haley

Nicole, we the fam, friends, classmates miss you.
We know you are in a better place, but still have sadness in our hearts.
At times, we can share funny stories, laugh a little.
Your Dad mentioned the book "Socks for Supper", and how many times he read it to you.
It is a very cute book. I enjoyed reading it.
I remember, you taking books to bed, too.
see Jan's blog in sidebar, dates 9/3/08
posted 10/23, photos in draft 10/20


Jan said...

This pictures always chokes me up. I remember that night and how much fun they had. They really were great friends. Thanks JoLynn.

Sharon said...

I LOVE this picture. Their smiling faces say it all.

I'm so glad they were good friends!

Love you forever, Nicole.....

Nicoles Mom 4-ever