Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Love Color

                                                          Photos taken in my yard


Mike in the background, creating this masterpiece on my back.  A colorful locust.


Knitted shawl.  A yarn shop in Alberta, one of the employees was wearing this shawl, so I knit one.  Might even knit another one.  Bracket Form is the pattern

A Touch of Color

Painted the front door inside and out.  Love the splash of color!


                                                    Found a couple types of mushrooms.


Sunset at Kalaloch Lodge.  One can't have too many sunsets photos.  can they?


The neighbor (25 yo kid), living with his parents has 11 turkeys.  The turkeys come in our yard and the dogs run towards them, then watch them.  I have my suspensions about the reasons of keeping turkeys, as the kid likes guns and hunting.