Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cold Weekend

I am sticking to my schedule of at least 3 walks per week in our neighborhood.  I have a 2.7 mile loop, which Meggen and started walking, (again) on Thanksgiving.  As I worked 4 days, next week, I didn't an options on which 3 days.  I am not walking in the dark.  Friday, was rainy and windy and crisp, debated about turning back a couple times, but walked the entire route.
Saturday was the best weather, just early in the day, as I had an all day knitting class to attend.
Sunday, just windy, but a cold wind, but finished my walk, then a warm shower and lunch in Edison.
Think to put my feet up and knit a bit.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Nicole and Meggen

Beach2008_0406(001) by jlwboo


yellowstone 024 by jlwboo
August 2008


05 @ JoLynns 015 by jlwboo
Bayview State Park.


ATT00027 by jlwboo


Nicole 555 by jlwboo
A few days before Nicole's second birthday