Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sock Summit

The big knitting news of the week, there will be no more Sock Summits.  I attended both SS09 and SS11in Portland, Oregon.  The energy of sock knitters is wonderful.  I love the fact, that I am part of sock knitting history.  I have attended other knitting events and retreats, but Sock Summit is the very top of my list.
Change does happen, and we can only move forward.  So, I feel since there will not be a SS14, it is time to reach into my bucket list and plans some other travels.  Current ideas include, road trip to New Mexico, via Crater Lake, Zion and Bryce, knitting cruise in the Canadian Maritime Provinces, and some where south of the equator, currently leaning towards New Zealand and/or Australia. 
I took a knitting class, yesterday on Estonian Lace Knitting, Estonia could be added to my bucket list.  Nancy is very compassionate about the history and traditions of lace knitting.