Monday, April 27, 2015

Finished Knitting Projects

 A cowl knit from 3 colors of Noro Silk Garden Solo
A scarf knit with 5 colors of Superfine Australian Super Merino, purchased at the Australian wool museum, then  started knitting on the cruise ship in Australian waters.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


It is late to be writing about equinox, since it was a month ago.  This year is odd, as I will experience 2 fall equinox and totally skip the arrival of spring.  It came about, because, I was south of the equator for the arrival of spring, so it was the arrival of fall. 
Before I left home, leaf buds, blossoms will starting to form, then in Australia and New Zealand, trees were in full foliage and starting to turn to fall colors.  Then, I come back north and spring is still bursting forth.
Happy Earth Day, what amazing planet!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


KiaOra, pronounced keyORa is a Moari word for Hello, Welcome, Thanks, kind of like aloha.

On Saturday, I went to Tamaki village, saw traditional Moari (first people in New Zealand) dance, songs, games, greeting ritual and shared a traditional feast.  It was very entertaining and educational.
The Moari men tattoo their face, one side showing the family history of their mother's family and the other side showing the history of the father's family.  They used makeup for the performances, as this is sharing of the traditions, and they have a regular job for support themselves.  The women had facial makeup tattoos, just on their chin.