Saturday, June 4, 2016


colors and progress On the Spice Market

A dash of color

from the yard

Shinto Shrine

 At the Fifth station, Mt Fuji


Buddhist Temple 

Tokyo Tower

 Carp for Boy's Day, May 5
View from Tokyo Tower

Vogue in Tokyo

Kyoto and Yokohama

 Near lunch spot in Kyoto
 Orchids outside a yarn shop

 Yokohama Silk Museum

Miniature knitting spot

Golden Temple

 really old Bonsai tree

Jeju, Korea

 Made me laugh, a tattoo and piercing shop called Sorry Mom
Local performers on the dock

Beijing, China

 Ship carved in Jade

 Great Wall of China
 Tenanen Square
 Forbidden City

Seoul, Korea

Shanghai, China



 Threads for weaving
Kyoto, Japan

Traditional Kimono

Cherry Blossoms