Friday, October 31, 2008


Meggen and I just returned from a walk, started out misty, then just plain rain. I have the proper rain coat. She gets to toweled off, which is a game to her. As I was walking, I thought I should have my camera for the contrast views of my walk. There will be more rainy walks.

Halloween, a kid holiday. Just a day to pretend, dress in costume and get candy. Sometimes, at the dental office, we see a few more broken teeth, after Halloween.

My neighborhood, there is a community party. We don't get trick or treat guests. Or maybe, it was the first year, we lived in this house, I gave out toothbrushes.

When Nicole was young, I would always take her a toothbrush or two, when I would visit. She would kind of shy, but would get unshy quickly, with her new toothbrush.

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JoLynn said...

PS. When I lived in Alaska, 22 years ago, one Halloween, I had new cross country skis and 6 inches of fresh snow. So, I wanted to use my new skis. I hang a bag of candy on the door knob and went skiing. When, I came back, there were 3 kids at the my door. I could hear one kid, telling the other kid "just take one". I think it was funny and cute.