Monday, November 9, 2015

Weaving Loom

In New Zealand, we stopped at Ashford Looms and spinning Wheels.  There, we went on a factory tour.  I was a little curious about weaving.  Eventually, I ordered a Ashford loom with a stand.  It is called a Knitter's Loom, which is a table loom.  I ordered a stand with it, which I put together.  Next step is to warp the loom, which is the vertical stings or yarn.  I got that done over a few days.  Then, I was stumped about the actual weaving process with the rigid heddle or reed positioning.  So, the loom got set aside.  Today, I muddled through the weaving process and actually did weave a few rows.  I also, learned I need to be more consistent with the tension of the warp, which is a little challenging on a couple of the steps the process of setting the warp by myself.  I do have some practice weaving to do in the meantime.  This weekend, I will be attending Knit Fit in Seattle, maybe there will be some weavers, there.  A friend is coming for the weekend, yarn shopping is in our future, including a shop with weaving supplies.  Last Friday, I went to a weaver guild sale and looked at some beautiful weaving and did weave a bit on a floor loom.

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