Thursday, May 27, 2010

LYS Tour

For the last 5 years, a group of yarn shops get together to sponsor a tour weekend. It was May 20-23, this year, included 25 shops from Birch Bay to Kent. At each shop, you get a free pattern, which can be knit, (some crochet patterns, too) from a single skein (ball) of yarn. The yarn that each shop used for their project is discounted 10%. If you go to every shop and get your passport stamped, it is faxed into the central shop for the big prize drawings. I went to 14 of the 25 shops, this year and won a daily prize at the Oak Harbor shop. I went and picked up my prize, today. Later in the day, I got a haircut, maybe I should have reversed the order and looked better for the picture.
LYS = local yarn shop

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