Sunday, August 14, 2011


Last week at work, some of the conversations has been about summer vacations. My patient asked the dentist about his vacation, which including boating. Doc told him they were on an island, where later in the evening, there was a lecture about star gazing. He went back to listen, then they had telescopes set up. One was looking at Saturn, so doc said he could see the rings and it was pretty neat. I said did you see any of the moons? In the 80's, in the winter, I saw the rings and moons of Saturn in the Alaska sky with a friends telescope. After work, I asked Gary if he had seen the rings of Saturn, and yes, at a observatory in California.

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Suzetta said...

My son presents programs and has his telescope set up on St Thomas. He's been doing star shows down there since 1991. Almost everyone calls him Starman.