Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 3

Check that off the bucket list.  Saw a BB King concert in Seattle.  His group included 8 musicians, drums, keyboards, bass guitar, guitar, 2 trumpeter players, 2 saxophone players, which one played the flute, too.  And of course, the star BB and Lucille.  There all wore tuxedos.
BB talked a fair bit, and featured his musicians, quite a lot.  His voice is still as sound as every and his playing with Lucille is strong.  What an amazing man at 88 years old.  There is lots of respect between him and his musicians.  His memory may be fading a bit, as he wanted to play You are my Sunshine, but the band leader said, we played it earlier.
It was an opportunity to salute my Dad on his birthday and to remember not too wait on the bucket list items.
Scott and Suzanne with birthdays on March 4, came for dinner and the concert.  We had a lovely dinner with time to visit.  I stayed in Seattle, had a nice breakfast, and then home

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