Friday, February 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Nicole

Nicole Lynn was born February 19, 1998.
She would have turned 18, this year, but was taken at the age of 10 1/2.  Much too soon, and she is missed.
When I would visit Nicole and the family (300 miles), I would bring Nicole a toothbrush or two.  Over the years, some were pink, some had different characters on them.  Toothbrushes were my connection to help Nicole remember me on my visits a couple times a year. 
She was very shy at times.
Nicole and I spent part of her school spring breaks, together.  We had a few adventures over the years, one was watching the birth of an alpaca.  We usually went to the beach at Bayview State Park, Nicole and Gary would look for little crabs under the rocks.
Another time, I went to Canada (Jeff was racing, there).  Nicole and I went for a walk on the bank of the Fraiser River, she was about 3 years old and had new white shoes.  Of course, she found a mud puddle to splash with the clean white shoes.  I told Nicole you better be careful with the mud puddle, as your Mom may get mad if you get your shoes muddy.  Nicole looked up at me, with the sweetest face and sometimes you just can't help it.
One spring break, Nicole and I did some knitting with looms.  We went shopping for yarn, I let her pick the color.  So, we made a hat, then Jeff, Nicole and I were in the car.  Jeff asked about the hat.  Nicole proudly said, yes, we finished it.  Then, Jeff asked why didn't you wear it.  Nicole said, she didn't want to wear it, because it was raining.
I treasure the memories of the time spent with Nicole.

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