Sunday, March 15, 2009

Knitting Retreat

Llamas with a goat in the background
I have returned from a knitting retreat.
It is held at Camp Brotherhood, about 45 minutes from home.
The property includes a working farm with animals.
The Camp hosts many different groups during the year.
This weekend's groups were soccer players, a men's church group and us, knitters.
There are different cabins, dorm type rooms, lodges spread over the property.
All the groups, use the same dining room, with meal times over lapping.
I have been attending the knitting retreat, since 2004.
It has knitting, social and learning times.
It is a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

hi jolyn -- you are really speedy about posting a blog about yawatink. i had a wonderful time and it was especially good to spend time with you and donna. i was just thinking of you (that's why i went to this blog)and all you've been through --make sure you keep up with those "baby steps" any way you can and remember you have lots of friends
out here to talk to at any time. janice and i are gong to skip knit night tonight, but next monday we're going to try and go to mount vernon early (@5:00) and meet up with turine and eula (who's just moved in her job to mv) for a little dinner before -- can you join us? let me know and i'll email details at the end on the week or next monday. mary