Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Outfit

Spring in 1999
Nicole in a new outfit.
On my commute, I have seen the baby lambs and goats.
Nicole loved all animals.
Spring of 2007, Nicole and I witnessed the birth of an alpaca.
It was a great event, and Nicole wanted to see the new baby girl alpaca take her first few steps.
We were watching in the pasture as she took her first steps, very wobbly at first.
In about an hour, she took several stronger steps.
I drove by this alpaca farm, Wednesday.
Didn't spot any tiny ones.
Nicole liked to visit farm animals and zoos.
She visited the Portland and Seattle zoos, several times.
Last spring break, Nicole and I went to the zoo in Seattle.
We also went to the alpaca farm.
post 100 for the year, getting close to post 200 for this blog

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Suzetta said...

So many cute pictures of Nicole, nice to have them.