Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Month

Well, it November and I feel randomly chatty.

Yesterday, Halloween, I was on ham radio, as my call sign ends in BOO. So, I called for conversations and then a bunch of hams wanted to talk to me, because of the BOO call sign. I was on the radio for 2 hours, talked to over a 100 people, got overloaded and walked away from the radio. It was kind of fun, kind of hectic as I am not a radio talker most of the time. It is Gary's thing, once a year it can be my thing, too.

I am teaching a sock knitting class, that started yesterday. Socks are a little complex, shaping for the heel, little yarn, little needles. One of the students didn't know how to knit, she did catch on fairly quickly. I felt a little challenged, not ever teaching basic knitting. I have some not ideal knitting habits and would rather have students get good basic skills. Her first sock is started. A couple of the down towns have afternoon trick-r-treat events, at the end of class a little Superman was walking through the yarn shop. Kind of an unusual sight.
I have started a few new knitting projects, yes, I start more than one at a time.
Some knitters are very good, start a project, finish it, then repeat the process. Well, I like the choices of knitting on this or that project, color, and then the easy portable project for little bits of knitting at lunch hour or other bits of time.

My thoughts on change, my brother Jeff and his wife Julie have a new house. A good change for them, putting it together into their home. With a shop, which will be Jeff's.

Today is the last day that I will be 56 years old. Where has the time gone? It is just a number, but a milestone at the same time. I feel well and positive, onto the next number. I do get a bit more selective with my time and how I spend it, as time does have a limit.

One little frustration, I have been shopping for a new computer and wanted to buy local. It does seem the local shop is not very interested, so researching other options. I had wanted to learn more about computers, backup systems. Looks like I have will the opportunity, if I buy from a "big box" store. Maybe a little more opportunity, than I would choose. Ah, well a learning opportunity.

It was a sunny early, a nice way to start the day with coffee and sunshine. Today being the first Sunday in November, meaning it is sock Sunday at WildFibers and I am the sock star or at least the person to ask questions about sock knitting.


Susan said...

I don't want to miss wishing you a happy birthday by one second, so will do it early! Happy Birthday to the finest 57 yr old in the world!
I wonder if I really could make a nice fire engine cake with red hot cinnamon flavor and smoke colored ice cream to go with it...I'd just have to put some black food color in the melted ice cream then freeze it again...I'll sleep on it.

woody said...

happy birthday Sis

Diane said...

Happy Birthday, JL


Julie said...

Happy Birthday JoLynn. Sorry we forgot to send a card...........we are so preoccupied right now. I can't even believe that it is actually November.