Friday, February 27, 2009


Nicole's first introduction to a horse with her Dad, Jeff. 1999
On Nicole's blog, she had made a sidebar story about riding Hopper.
Nicole with Jeff and Julie traveled to Yellowstone National Park, last August.
One of their adventures included a trial ride.
Nicole had written, great the trial ride, better than Disneyland.
Her horse was buckskin color, named Hopper.
Nicole's Mom, Sharon has posted a few times on Nicole's blog.
You can click over the her blog from my sidebar to read Nicole's version of the horse back ride.


woody said...

this was taken at a KOA camp ground near Hope, BC

JoLynn said...

Hope, BC, been there. completed several volkswalks in town and the Othello tunnel trails. Always enjoyed the walks, stayed for the weekends. The first Rambo film was filmed in and around Hope.