Wednesday, April 1, 2009

200 posts

Six months ago, I started this blog. Uncertain of what I would find along the road of blogging.

I am at post # 200. It amazes me, that I have blogged that much. Yet, I let my heart lead me into the blog world. Thoughts pop into my head, that I should blog about that.

Lot of my posts are photos, carefully selected by my heart and thoughts. Writing have made me think of values, choices, life lessons and perspectives of myself. One thought dominate in myself, that your approach to life is from your personal outlook. I always want to improve myself.

One of the processes of grieving is angry. The thought, that I circle back to is "why use energy on angry" as it doesn't really change anything. Yes, I have had bits of angry, but don't delve on it. Change to positive and grow.

School spring breaks, I have spent many with Nicole. Even before she was in school, as it was a daycare vacation. This year, I didn't have time off during spring break. I have lots of special memories of Nicole and my times together. I will always have the memories, unfortunately no new memories with Nicole will be added. Just makes you hold on tight to the joyful memories.

Nicole's boys and girls club are having a bake sale to raise money for the Benton-Franklin Humane Society. It is called nickerdoodles, named as a combination of snickledoodle cookies and Nicole. Here is the link.

Tomorrow, I am going to send a contribution to my local humane society (Skagit county) in Nicole's honor. A few months ago, there was a puppy mill raid, locally. I know Nicole would want to help the puppies.

We all miss Nicole. She was a great kid with a big heart. Unfortunately, her time on earth was too short.

I will keep blogging, as I have more pictures of Nicole. Who knows what you will find here. I am going to read all my blog posts over the weekend, too.

Love and Peace, Nicole's aunt JoLynn


Anonymous said...

Very nice words JL....

You are right on all accounts..Your blog has help us all through the difficult times..We all miss her dearly...

Keep up the good work, and let your thoughts run with life..It is helping you greatly my new bride..

Love you

Gary, and Meggen

Jan the crazy lady said...

It has been a blessing to us too. Mattie and I smile alot just looking at all the memories of Nicole. May you shine for another 200 posts. Thank you for doing this.