Monday, April 13, 2009

A Dog Story

Maggie with a short haircut.
This is Maggie.
She was the neighbor's dog, but liked to stay at our house.
We tried to encourage her to go home, but she would always come back.
She liked to sleep in the front garden area.
Maggie was a shy, timid girl.
We let her sleep in the garage for 4th of July.
She didn't like all the firework noise.
When, it was cold, we would do laundry, as she slept near the dryer vent.
Our joke with Maggie is that she would put quarters (for the dryer) on door sill.
After, Lady passed, Maggie moved inside to a pampered life for her last 2 years.
One time, when Nicole was here, Maggie put her paw on Nicole's leg, while being petted.
So, after Maggie passed, we got Meggen, that was October 2007.
That was quite a change, a young energetic dog, after two dogs in their senior years.

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