Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sock Sunday

The first Sunday of the month is sock Sunday at WildFibers in Mount Vernon. I am the sock guru at WildFibers.
On the drive, I will pass daffodil fields, so I stopped for a couple photos. In our area, we have tulip, daffodil and iris fields. The tulip fields attract tourists. The colors are beautiful. In 10 days or so, I should get some tulip pictures.
This reminded me of Nicole's spring break in 2007. This is time, we saw the alpaca birth and went to the beach at Bayview State Park. So, later on this eventful Saturday, Jeff arrives and asks "did we go see the tulips?". Us, locals like to stay away from the tulip fields on the weekends. It was very funny, Nicole was all shy about telling him about the baby alpaca. I had to start the story, then she took over. Of course, I am thinking, I can see tulips every spring, but how often do watch an alpaca birth.
So, it was a nice, small sock Sunday. The weather was sunny, some knitters had other plans. Actually, I enjoyed the smaller group of knitters, today. It can get be very busy for me. I had some knitting time on my socks, today.

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