Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cabin Fever

Our road is still closed, the water level has gone down. You can choose to drive through, if you have a bigger vehicle. Cabin fever gets to some people, sooner. I am fairly tolerant of isolation, or being stuck at home. I believe my tolerance comes from living on a farm, and living in Alaska.
I can putter around home for days, knit or read. I could even get ambitious and clean a closet or drawer.

I will go for walks in the rain or snow. Don't really care to walk in the wind-rain combination. I don't think it is really cold until it is below zero, of course cold and wind are not a good combination, either.

When I lived in a small town in Alaska, it was important to get out of town, now and then. The Alaskan term for leaving the state is "going outside". So, that could be a variation of cabin fever. I did live in a very small apartment. We would bundle up and walk in blizzard conditions. You would see a couple other walkers, had to face to face to recognize them.

I did miss my knitting classes, which is a bummer. I felt it was not worth the risk to drive through the flood water and come back in the dark, which would be harder to see the center line of the road through. I could have stayed in town, there were options. Sarah at WildFibers was able to get someone in my spot at classes. That is a bonus for that person.

Any other opinions on cabin fever?


JoLynn said...

"I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude."
Henry David Thoreau

Susan said...

Did you see the SI blog photos? Robert saw Ryan Fluery with his kids rescuing Voles, taking them to higher ground. I hear gun shots today, seems so mean to shoot ducks who find life hard enough. Here, take a bullet too, Duck! I think it's kinder to the world to move voles. Personally.

JoLynn said...

I agree, save the voles. don't shoot the ducks. Seems like the hunting season is really long, this fall.