Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sock Sunday

Today was Sock Sunday at WildFibers, a yarn shop in Mount Vernon.

Sock Sunday is a hangout at the yarn shop and knit socks

I offer help with sock knitting challenges.

Afterwards, I went to the local bakery to pick up the cake for the fire station meeting, Monday night. Gary did a great job picking the cake and design.


Jennifer @ WildFibers said...

He did a good job picking that out, and the bakery did well too. Which one did you use? I havn't been happy with my cakes lately.

Susan said...

Wow. He did do a nice job choosing the cake decorations! Hopefully someone will be able to take a rose home for a little one who will be thrilled to eat one. Cool, Gary.

JoLynn said...

It is a Haggen's cake.
Couldn't do Costco over the phone.
Limited choices with a Sunday pickup.
Off to see how it tastes