Sunday, January 11, 2009

My 1st Grade Pic

JoLynn's first grade photo
Eltopia Public School


Anonymous said...

Boy my new wife looks good even at that age..

Glad we decided to get married after 24 years..

She takes very good care of Meggen and me..I sure Love her more and more every day..


Susan said...

So adorable! you look so much like Nicole. So you were one of those blondies with shiny finger curls, your Mom took good care of you.

JoLynn said...

Gary, first thought it was a picture of Nicole. The black and white photo and hairstyle does have a timeline. Jeff was a blond kid, too.

Susan said...

The look in your eyes has stayed the same.

Suzetta said...

I see the woman you are today in that photo.