Friday, January 2, 2009


Gary give this ring to me in 1990, as a promise ring. So, now it's name has been changed to a wedding ring.

The wedding was held at our home, yesterday morning. Attendants included our witnesses, Tim and Sue R. and Rev. Bob and his wife, Marie. Bob performed a perfect service for us. Dress was very casual. The only flowers were in yesterday's post. Refreshments included coffee and Scottish shortbread, which is called TALLbread for our family.

In Washington, the wait period is 3 days for the marriage license. We got the license on Monday. Then, several phone calls, to find the right person to perform our ceremony. We wanted 1-1-9, so Gary can easily remember the anniversary date. Also a good way to start the new year.
At the regular fire meeting, next week, we will serve cake.

All very simple, as that is the way we wanted it. We keep it secret, so it would be simple. Actually, didn't fine true the details, until 12/31.
The honeymoon is pending and will be planned.

Why, after 24 years, mostly because of losing Nicole and we wanted to be closer.
I did not change my name, I have had it for 56 years, so why change now.


Susan said...

You guys know how to do things right. Such a perfect wedding! Love it.
I will keep you in mind as a wedding planner.

Anonymous said...

I know I'll be happy ever after
with JL...


Jennifer @ WildFibers said...

Its still very romantic, that after this long you guys are married. Scott and I were together for 12 years before we got married. And I was suprised at how it changed things, it just feels more special.
Im very happy for you both, and to comment on Gary's comment for this post...all I can say is awwww!