Saturday, December 6, 2008

Beauty of Nature

This morning, Gary took this photo of the a double rainbow over a ham radio antenna in our backyard.

On Friday, Gary, Meggen and I went for our 3 mile loop walk. The sky was mostly cloudy. On the horizon to the south, a band of brighter sky, we could see Mt Rainer. Mt Rainer is out about 150 miles from us. It is a rare occasion, that we can see Mt. Rainer from here.

There is a type of cloud, that filled the rest of the sky, yesterday. I love the clouds, a texture of swirls, waves, shades of grays. I would compare the look to the texture of an oil painting. During the summer, an impressionism exhibit was at the Seattle Art Museum. One of the paintings had a sky, similar to yesterday's clouds. It looked like lots of colors with texture of the oil paints. I may try to photograph the clouds, when I see them again. I will hope to get a good photo.

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Susan said...

The sunrise Dec. 06, Sat. was spectacular! The whole sky was golden, the tree trunks shades of golden brown... I love our weather too.